Next PiPs @ The Windmill - Weds. 20th September 7 pm

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, 20th September 2017, at 7pm.

The Windmill, 12-14 Seabank Road, Southport. PR9 0EL.

Conspiracy Theories.


Is our universe real? (3:1:1)* 375 Conspiracy theories (2:2:1) 325 Is there such a thing as inspiration?(0:2:2[+1]**)208Is loyalty a commodity?(1:0:1[+1])183 In a world of machines where do people fit in?(0:3:1)175 The Life of the Spirit(1:0:0)100 What is the point of sport?(1:0:0) 100 Disenchantment with politics justified .. ?(0:0:0[+1])59Is sexual orientation genetic or social?(0:0:2)50

* (3:1:1) translates to 1st preference for 3 people : 2nd preference for 1 person : and 3rd preference for 1 person. ** [+1] refers to a simple preference with no order